Mutaani for FW: Q&A with Arsène Tungali


Arsène Tungali is a young activist and blogger from eastern Congo, currently based in Goma. He studied Agronomic Sciences and Engineering at University in Bukavu, but now divides his time between writing, editing, and working with the organization Rudi International. Arsène writes in English and French for outlets like Mutaani, Now AfriCAN and the Huffington Post. He also creates bi-lingual content for his personal blog, Tungali. We asked the young visionary a few questions to find out more about what drives him.

What inspired you to become a writer?

From a young age I always had a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. I was inspired to try activities outside of my schooling, and I ended up getting involved in blogging and online journalism. I have always had a drive to improve the conditions of those around me, and that informs all of my work in journalism and activism.

What do you envision to be the future of Congo?

I want to see social change in the people around me. I have a vision of Congo as oasis of peace, a place that’s beautiful to live. I dream of seeing peace return here during my lifetime. That dream drives all of my work; everything I do is geared towards creating a better future. I work with my church as a mentor for young people and future leaders in Goma, and everytime I leave Congo, I bring a message of hope for my country. I want to encourage people around the world to construct a positive image and work to make it a reality.

Tell us a bit more about your work at Rudi International.

We work to unite and connect young people of the African Diaspora around concrete actions to improve their continent. We also work with families that have been torn by the war in rural regions of Goma, to give them hope. And we work with youth in the city to strengthen their capabilities.

How does your activism influence your journalism career?

I believe the power of free press can change the course of a people’s history. I’ve started working as a Reporter and Web Editor for several websites. At Now afriCAN, I train journalists in web writing and produce stories for all their domains. I love this kind of work and I hope to have fun engaging with other journalists and working together to inform the world.


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