Obama signs bill giving Israel $225 million for missile defense system


President Obama on Monday signed a bill that will give Israel $225 million to restock its Iron Dome missile defense system.

The House voted 395-8 to pass the bill Friday night.

The missile shield system was developed jointly by the United States and Israel and is said to have intercepted dozens of rockets fired from Gaza during the conflict that began July 17.  The system uses advanced tracking technology to determine if a rocket is headed for a population center; if it is it destroys the rocket mid-flight.

Israel and Hamas agreed late Monday to an Egyptian-sponsored 72-hour cease fire.

At a news conference Friday, Obama underscored Israel’s right to defend itself and noted American support for the Iron Dome.

“And so, not only have we been supportive of Israel in its right to defend itself, but in very concrete terms — for example, in support for the Iron Dome program that has intercepted rockets that are firing down on Israeli cities — we’ve been trying to cooperate as much as we can to make sure that Israel is able to protect its citizens,” Obama said.



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