Poetry Meets Art 17!!! Tuesday March 10th

poetry meets ART 17“The snake and the crab don’t sleep in the same hole” ~ Congolese proverb

Yes, people we are back again and continuing to gain ground with breaking the silence on Congo’s conflict minerals and our technology. And just like the Congolese proverb says….there’s only space for one in the ‘hole’ and we – the artists, performers, activists, community leaders and more are going to be the VICTORIOUS ones!

Are you ready for another evening of Edutainment and positivity for Congo? Carry on reading…..


Passing Clouds, 

1 Richmond Road , Dalston , London E8 4AA , United Kingdom


Word Play
Make way for the connoisseur and word smith who is a wizard with words! Word Play’s lyricist skills and suave performance style makes audiences lock in and engage from the first syllable! A regular and seasoned performer on the London poetry and spoken word circuit

Isis Amlak
Eh heh! You better make way for this spoken word artist who is also a community activist and full of FIRE so call the fire brigade because she’s gonna mash up the mic! Isis Amlak’s material acts as a vessel for the truth to flow and a social commentator that gets you thinking outside the box…

Emma Siane Medeos
This beautiful spirit is about to make you say ‘say whaaaat?!….Emma’s style of poetry is a reflective of what’s going on within and without using wit, humour and truth to break it down! An engaging poet who will have you mesmerised to the max so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Nebula Nebula
This artist is such a pure, gentle and amazing spirit who is extremely humble with her powerful talent! Nebula is the resident artist who so wonderfully captures the very essence of the event as well as well as the energy. It’s really like the poets and singers and communicating to you through the art and it’s just amazing so make sure you’re here to witness the magic!

The whole situation in #Congo and the role we play as consumers is super messed up, but the beautiful part is that we also have the number one tool and ultimate power….#ECONOMICS!!! If you ever want to make a difference or influence change you need money, it talks, pure and simple. I, YOU, WE, ALL, EVERYONE needs to stop buying and upgrading for real! One life taken for our needs is bad enough but 10 million and rising….?!

BREAK THE SILENCE WITH ME!!!! There are so many ways to do this, leave a message about it on your voicemail, as part of your email signature, tell someone, write an article/poem/song, do some art, put on an exhibition! Just don’t stay silent. Join me and many others at this brilliant event to spread the word and empower ourselves and the #Congo

Come to this event to find out more as well as enjoy some vegan food and networking in a lovely atmosphere.

Hope to see you there for a better Congo!

Find out more : https://shoobs.com/events/6336/poetry-meets-art-17


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