Poetry Meets Art Tuesday 13th October


The BIGGEST, BADDEST, MOST ‪#‎EDUTAINING‬ ‪#‎poetry‬, ‪#‎spoken‬ word and ‪#‎art‬ event for ‪#‎Congo‬ just got even HOTTER! Join in with the top community event for empowerment and solidarity channeling the power of the Ancestors and creativity like BOOMBAP as we fight for‪#‎ethicaltechnology‬ and move as ‪#‎ONE‬.

Don’t miss out on hearing from Elder and community leader Aboo Jahtata from#GalaxyRadio, Matthew aka ShortMan, Raspect Fyabinghi, Oneness Sankara, Nathaniel Nye and Stella Bell-Gam of ‪#‎VoyageToMotherland‬,‪#‎liveart‬ from Nebula Nebula, ‪#‎music‬ from Sid Mercutio and ‪#‎openmic‬ from YOU! Get your tickets now and spread the word, see ya there!

Find out more on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1511084439202490/


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