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News from Goma in the DR Congo

Goma: A 14 years old girl amongst the latest victims, mass protest outside the UN headquarters

goma corps Victims
Body of the 14 year old girl transported to the UN’s Monuscos head quarters in Goma

New protest this morning in the streets of Goma. Two new bombs fell over Goma and
2 people were killed one of them was a 14 years old girl. The population brought the corpse to the Monusco ‘s office to show their indignation. The youths were singing  “TUNALIA AMANI” We are demanding Peace!

Goma Youth Protesting

Goma pretest



Les Banyamulenge visitent le gouverneur de Goma


La communauté BANYAMULENGE vivant à Goma compte beaucoup sur le gouvernement Congolais, le seul habilité à la sécuriser. C’est ce qu’ont exprimé ce vendredi 26 juillet 2013 au gouverneur de province du Nord Kivu l’honorable Julien Paluku Kahongya. Les sages de cette communauté ethnique qui fustigent les différentes sortes de tracasseries dont certains de leurs ont parfois été victimes lors des manifestations populaires. Ces Continue reading Les Banyamulenge visitent le gouverneur de Goma

Colonel Mamadou Ndala – “Goma ne tombera plus!!”

COLONEl Mmadou Ndala


DRC: Congolese say NO to Ouganda and the Balkanisation

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Today in Goma, women staged a sit-in, to give an outright refusal to Uganda, in the UN’s Special Brigade. They are against the idea of using Uganda; one of the attacking countries, as a transit zone to help the special UN forces for logistics.

“NO balkanisation of the Democratique Republique of Congo” was one of the several messages carried upon their banners.

CAYP Congo


Congo – Le M23 a-t-il attaquer Goma de nouveaux?


Interview Audio.

Interview effectuée par J C et B N CAYP Goma



congo rape women

 Racontez-nous le calvaire que vous avez vécu et la raison pour laquelle vous êtes ici actuellement?

« Les bandits m’ont attaquée dans le champ, nous étions nombreuses…les autres ont pris la fuite mais moi, on m’a attrapée et violée. Ces bandits m’ont laissée par terre entrain de souffrir… l’eau coulait de mon vagin, ensuite, les mamans sont venues me Continue reading GOMA: INTERVIEW D’UNE FEMME VICTIME DE VIOLENCES SEXUELLES


Congo: Interview of a victim of sexual violence in Goma

congo rape women

Tell us about your ordeal and the reason why you are here now?

“The bandits attacked me in the field we were in. Many fled but I got caught and they raped me. They left me on the floor suffering, waters were dripping from my genitals. The moms came to pick me up and took me to the SEGOPE health centre for treatment. Continue reading Congo: Interview of a victim of sexual violence in Goma


Congo: Interview with the coordinator of a center for raped women

Feme Congolaise

Tell us about your association and how many women do you look after?  

The Association is called Union of Women for the Promotion of the Vulnerables. The Association works with some hundred women who are victims of rape in different locations where conflict recently took place, principally in Northern Kivu villages, where we have set up many satellite groups to help us reach our plan of action. Our Head office is in Goma

 Could you tell us how you get in touch with these women?

It is not easy to contact these women. First, it must be highlighted that sexual violence is a taboo topic Continue reading Congo: Interview with the coordinator of a center for raped women


Interview de la coordinatrice d’un centre venant en aide à des femmes violées

Feme Congolaise Au nom de notre plate-forme, la CAYK, je vous remercie de nous accorder cet entretien, qui a pour but de sensibiliser sur la situation en RDC.

 Parlez-nous de votre association et dites-nous combien de femmes encadrez-vous ?

L’association est nommée l’Union des Femmes pour la Promotion des Vulnérables (UFPROV). L’association encadre actuellement environ une centaine de femmes violées dans différents endroits où des récents conflits ont eu lieu, principalement dans les villages du Nord-Kivu, où nous avons installé plusieurs antennes pour nous aider à atteindre notre plan d’action. Cependant, notre siège principal se trouve à Continue reading Interview de la coordinatrice d’un centre venant en aide à des femmes violées


Correspondence: Interview a student from Goma

Congo StampHello Alain, on behalf of all members of our CAYP platform, thank you for taking part in this interview, in order to bring to bring the Congolese diaspora closer to the students in Congo..

We are aware that the western media contribute to the silence on the country réalitées … Rest assured that we are with you and share your grief and would like to give you a platform on which you can express yourself.

What studies do you Study ?

I am a student of Goma, I am studying Political Science and Administration

As a student what are your plans for your country? Continue reading Correspondence: Interview a student from Goma