Coltan By Michael Nes


A decade ago no one except geologists had heard of tantalum or ‘coltan’ – an obscure mineral that is an essential ingredient in mobile phones and laptops. Then, in 2000, reports began to leak out of Congo: of mines deep in the jungle where coltan was extracted in brutal conditions watched over by warlords. The United Nations sent a team to investigate, and its exposé of the relationship between violence and the exploitation of coltan and other natural resources contributed to a Continue reading Coltan By Michael Nes

Leaflet for them march of the 16th Feb

Please find attached leaflet you can all print to spread the message during the march of the 16th.

Leaflet for 16 Feb a5

Location: Notre Dame de France catholic church,5 leicester place, WC2H 7BX Near the odeon Cinema, opposite KFC
Time: 12.00
Plan: we will begin with a church service/prayer after which we will march down to 10 Downing Street

For more info please click here.

Qualifié de «zone grise» : La RDC à l’image de l’Afghanistan ou de Haïti

La Banque mondiale sanctionne Kinshasa. Le président de la Banque mondiale s’est montré très sceptique sur les «contrôles démocratiques», ainsi que sur le manque de «contre-pouvoirs» en République démocratique du Congo (RDC). Il a donc décidé de stopper la contribution de la Banque mondiale au budget général du Congo, tout en précisant que les programmes sur la nutrition, l’éducation, le Sida ou le paludisme continueraient à être soutenus. Robert Zoellick a qualifié la RDC de «zone grise», à l’image de l’Afghanistan ou de Haïti. La Banque mondiale est le premier organisme international a infliger ainsi une sanction financière à la RDC.

Read more…http://afrique.kongotimes.info/index.php?news=3800

Africa will write its own history and it will be…a history of glory and dignity. P Lumumba

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