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Congo: The Genocide that the World Refuses to See

Genocost, a UK-based Congolese advocacy group, commemorated Congo Genocide this week on August 2nd and asked that the rest of the world do the same. August 2nd is the day that U.S. allies Rwanda and Uganda invaded the Democratic Republic of the Congo, starting the Second Congo War in 1998. Though a peace treaty was signed in 2003, the violence, displacement and massive death toll continue. Genocost asks that nations formally recognize August 2nd as Congo Genocide Commemoration Day.

Boniface Musavuli, « Les Génocides des Congolais. De Léopold II à Paul Kagame »

[Texte de la 4ème de couverture]

La guerre déclenchée au Congo en 1996 perdure en guerre de basse intensité. Il s‘agit de deux décennies de crimes indicibles qui ensanglantent le pays dans une indifférence totale de la « Communauté internationale ». En 1996, le Zaïre (actuelle RD Congo) fut envahi par une coalition des armées étrangères parrainées discrètement par les États-Unis et Continue reading Boniface Musavuli, « Les Génocides des Congolais. De Léopold II à Paul Kagame »

Geno-Cost: la communauté Congolaise commémore ses morts

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République Démocratique du Congo, le 2 aout 1998, le ciel se noircit et le grand Congo s’agenouit. Une invasion par certains de ses voisins mettra à genou ce grand éléphant au centre de l’Afrique. Tout commence dans la partie Est. Le feu se propage petit à petit dans tout le pays et aucun congolais ne dira qu’il n’a pas senti l’effet de cette guerre. Des armées Continue reading Geno-Cost: la communauté Congolaise commémore ses morts


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You are warmly welcome to join us for the Congolese Genocide Memorial Day. On Sunday 2nd August 2015 the Congolese community will gather for a beautiful evening of remembrance, reflection, and a moment of silence to pay respect to the people we have lost due to Congo’s long history of war and genocides. Continue reading GENO-COST: REMEMBERING THE CONGOLESE GENOCIDE

Rwanda complains after spy chief is held in London over alleged war crimes

Metropolitan police say Karenzi Karake is wanted in Spain in connection with alleged massacres in wake of 1994 Rwandan genocide

Karenzi Karake

Rwanda has angrily condemned the arrest of the country’s intelligence chief, Karenzi Karake, by British authorities acting on a Spanish indictment.

Louise Mushikiwabo, the Rwandan foreign minister, tweeted: “Western solidarity in demeaning Africans is unacceptable!!” She suggested the arrest was a conspiracy by those who deny the 1994 genocide. “It is an outrage to arrest Rwandan official based on pro-genocidaires lunacy!”

Mushikiwabo also described the arrest warrant as preposterous. Continue reading Rwanda complains after spy chief is held in London over alleged war crimes

London: We are fed up!! / Y en a Marre!! March against the genocide and the occupation of DR Congo!!

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Last week over 400 bodies found in mass grave on the outskirt of Kinshasa. Amongst them were men, women and 300 fetus and still born babies. We are OUTRAGED by this news. Mothers of Congo and CAYP are calling for a march against the genocide and foreign occupation in the DR Congo.
Date: Friday 10th April 2015 at 12:00 starting outside the Rwanda Embassy.
Our demands:
– STOP Genocide of the Congolese people- END the UN, Rwandan, and Ugandan occupation in the Congo

– END arbitrary arrests and detentions in the Congo

– FREE all Political prisoners!!!

Join us on Facebook/ Spread the word: