En Toute Vérité avec Martin Fayulu : Quelle stratégie de l’opposition face à la kabilie?


DR Congo: leaders of opposition group in police custody

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*Some senior opposition figures in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been arrested by the police.
Martin Fayulu and Kabund leaders of opposition in the country are under the police custody for questioning for non-compliance of a government decision prohibiting demonstrations.*

The opposition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the movements of citizens had called on their members to go on the Streets on Thursday for a walk they call “walk of anger.”

An anger against President Joseph Kabila whose presidential mandate elapsed since December 2016.

The people have rejected Kabila’s continuous stay in power till presidential elections of December 2018 adding that he is prohibited by the Constitution of the DRC.

According to witnesses, Martin Fayulu of Rally for the Opposition was taken in a police black jeep.

He explained that the police had already tried to deter opposition activists.

“These military and police personnel who are posted here, try to attack us. They have tried to enter to exit everybody.They are outside look at their dogs! he told journalists this morning.

He noted that at the time, Félix Tshisekedi was to be blocked at his residence by the force.

Director General of Police, General Sylvano Kasongo who the story said they were arrested for having braved the prohibition of demonstration decided by the Government.

Congolese politicians have agreed in principle to a deal under which President Joseph Kabila leaves office by the end of 2017, opposition leaders said on Friday, an unexpected breakthrough after dozens were killed in anti-government protests this week.

In return for Kabila staying on for another year, the constitution will not be changed to let him stand for a third term, a prime minister will be named from the main opposition bloc and Tshisekedi will oversee the deal’s implementation, opposition leaders Martin Fayulu and Jose Endundo told Reuters.

“Kabila stays for one year,” Fayulu said. “He will not try to stand for a new term.”

Pending the outcome of the interrogations on the arrest, the political crisis has in the Central African country and has brought uncertainty in the region.

Source: http://www.africanews.com/2017/11/30/dr-congo-leaders-of-opposition-group-in-police-custody/

Élections en RDC: La Grande Bretagne salue le rapport publié par la CENCO


L’Ambassade de la Grande-Bretagne en République démocratique du Congo a salué le rapport sur l’observation électorale sur les  inscriptions des électeurs ainsi que du monitoring des manifestations politiques et pacifiques,  publié le lundi 20 novembre par  la Conférence épiscopale nationale du Congo (CENCO). Continue reading Élections en RDC: La Grande Bretagne salue le rapport publié par la CENCO

RDC : La marche du Rassemblement reportée au jeudi 30 novembre

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Le Rassemblement a changé la date de sa marche initialement prévue pour le mardi 28 novembre au jeudi 30 novembre 2017. C’est ce que révèle la lettre adressée au Gouverneur de la ville de Kinshasa, André Kimbuta, par le parti ECIDE, en collaboration avec tous les partis et plateformes qui composent ce regroupement politique.

“Conformément à l’article 26 de la constitution, nous vous informons que notre parti politique, en collaboration avec les parties membres du rassemblement des forces politiques et sociales acquise au changement, organise une marche pacifique le jeudi 30 novembre 2017 prochain dans la ville de Kinshasa”, dit la lettre.

Après un séminaire de deux jours sur la définition des stratégies “concrètes” pour la résolution de la crise en RDC, le Rassemblement a donc décidé de changer la date de sa manifestation.

Après avoir annoncé une marche pour  le 28 novembre dans le but  d’exprimer le rejet du calendrier électoral et réclamer le départ de Joseph Kabila au 31 décembre, les partis de la majorité présidentielle ont eux aussi saisi le Gouverneur de la ville de Kinshasa pour une marche de soutien au calendrier électoral à la même date.

Africa will write its own history and it will be…a history of glory and dignity. P Lumumba

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